New Investor Acquisition

Casson Media Group (CMG) has been involved in “New Investor” acquisition for decades.  Over this period CMG has participated in hundreds of projects to promote private and public  securities. CMG has built an extensive portfolio of investor databases currently containing over 6 million records, and has worked with hundreds of firms in the Financial Industry.  When companies need to reach out to a mass number of prospective investors, CMG has and continues to be a leading choice.

Prior to the advent of email CMG’s database assets were extensively employed to execute thousands of print and telemarketing investment campaigns.   Today CMG has one of the industry’s largest collection of individual and institutional investor databases with emails.


JOBS Act of 2012


CMG immediately understood the long range magnitude of the JOBS Act of 2012.  The Company understands better than many how difficult it is to present new investment opportunities to a marketplace of 50 million investors.  CMG’s analysis was two dimensional, one from the issuer’s perspective, and one from the investors.  CMG concluded the majority of companies that can best utilize the new rules were not prepared to structure, develop and market a securities offering.  On the other side of the transaction, a significant number of investors are highly motivated for an opportunity to invest in the “The Next Big Thing”.

Based on these observations, the current SEC regulatory environment,  and an analysis of the existing players in the newly minted  “Equity Crowdfunding Industry,” CMG developed a comprehensive set of services to serve both the needs of client companies and prospective investors.

The Future

Serving Issuers and Investors

Going forward CMG developed a roadmap after carefully studying the evolution of online stock trading.  Starting in the early 1990’s a number of brokerage firms started to develop and evolve an online, self directed, and automated transaction system allowing individual investors to acquire publicly list securities in a SEC regulated environment.  Securities by definition that were liquid and transparent.

The JOBS Act of 2012 has opened the door for potentially 1.3 million small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to sell private debt and equity to 50 million prospective investors.  The infrastructure and systems to efficiently facilitate securities transactions in this new environment are either nonexistent or are still in the early stages of development.  Online stock trading systems impacted how listed stocks are bought and sold.  The regulatory changes of the JOBS Act have a dramatically broader impact since they present new capital acquisition capabilities to SMEs while at the same time introduce a new class of wealth creation opportunities to over 50 million individual investors.

CMG believes there are a number of “moving pieces” that need to be developed and implemented to optimize the efficiency of transactions between issuers and investors.   CMG provides a suite of services and content offerings that progressively effect the mutually beneficial matching of companies and their investors.

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Our History

Mike Casson founded American Direct Marketing Service, Inc. (ADMS) in 1975 to provide investment marketing services and database products to the financial services industry.   ADMS was expanded with the founding of the Casson Media Group in 2000 to be followed by InvestorsInsight Publishing in 2001, which provided services and content to both investors and companies. This created a synergy between the services and the content offerings, as the community for InvestorsInsight’s content grew at same time the Company’s investor database assets increased.

CMG has gathered targeted demographic and psychographic information to build a branded database, and achieved $23 million in cumulative revenue. The database components include: a 500,000 email newsletter readership audience, 200,000 accredited investors, 1 million business owners and C-level executive with emails and 6.5 million high net worth individual records.

In addition, within that core audience, there are approximately 250,000 financial services professionals (gatekeepers to over 3 million accredited investors) including an estimated audience of approximately 100,000 professional money managers.  The estimated database qualification, acquisition and maintenance replication cost to get 200,000 accredited investors to opt-in to a publication, subscribe to a service, buy a product or stock, or become an association member at $100 each would be approximately $20 million in today’s dollars.

With a deep history in “New Investor Acquisition” and the building and maintaining of in-depth investor databases, CMG is uniquely positioned to leverage its proprietary assets to connect 1.3 million SMEs with 50 million individual investors.