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The primary mission of Casson Media Group is to provide a comprehensive set of support services from a single source. Raising capital for any company can be a consuming task often taking senior management away from their primary, day to day responsibilities.

According to industry research by and the World Bank, crowdfunding generated approximately $10 billion in funding transactions in 2014 and will surpass $300 billion in funding transactions by 2025.

These results affirm that the use of public solicitation for private securities offerings works, and there is a tremendous upside. It also indicates that the effort to get attention to a single deal is going to become exponentially more difficult. Current reports number investment sites at over 700 to 1100 worldwide.

The Casson Media Group Account Manager acts as your project manager ensuring each task is completed and oversee the entire placement process. This could range from setting up online web conferences, configuring the contact management system, supervising investor verifications, to doing SEC and state filings.

Each program is designed to fit the particular needs of the client. Once the investment development phase is completed, the client can elect to market directly to prospective investors or use an SEC/FINRA Broker Dealer.

Historically the majority of 506(c) offerings are sold directly by the issuer. The goal of the Casson Media Group Funding Services Marketing Programs is to build awareness and interest in the client’s investment. The target market is 10 million accredited investors. To get their attention is a challenge. One marketing vehicle is not sufficient to attract the critical number of prospective investors required to complete a placement.

The belief that all that is required is to post a deal on even the busiest of investment websites is now being termed as the “Field of Dreams” approach (post it and they will come) to investment marketing. It may work in the movies but not selling securities. The key is to use multiple pro-active campaigns.

All our programs use a variety of marketing methods. This could range from online text and video campaigns to print ads in Barrons or the Wall Street Journal. And yes, posting on several investment websites is part of the overall strategy but not the sole marketing tactic.

Although the JOBS Act of 2012 offers dramatic changes in the securities regulation that make it easier to access capital from individual investors, it is NOT the magic pill. To raise money is neither easy or free. We counsel prospective clients that to use a Reg D 506(c) or Reg A+ takes time and money. Compared to a registered public offering it is a quantum less expensive and time-consuming.