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Casson Media Group Funding Services provides a comprehensive investment development and marketing program for a fixed monthly price.   Client engagements typically are four to six months.

Additionally, the selling broker-dealer charges a placement fee which is a percentage of the capital raised.   Please inquire for additional details.

Services provided in the Casson Media Group Funding Services Investment Development program
  • Private Placement Memorandum
  • Business Plan
  • Company Introduction Video
  • Product/Service Video
  • Investment Presentation Video
  • Website Design and Hosting (12 months)
  • Secure Web Portal
  • State and SEC filings
  • Public Relations: Initial Offering Announcement
  • Contact Management System
  • Investor Verification
Marketing Programs
To be executed in parallel and in conjunction with a Private Offering Placement Agreement with Maxwell Financial Services LLC, a Casson Media Group, Inc. affiliate.
Services provided in the Casson Media Group Funding Services Investment Marketing program:
  • Inbound Marketing (Ads, Social Media, SEO, Videos, etc.)
  • Outbound Marketing/e-mail support
  • Public Relations: Article placement, media interviews, etc.
  • Investor Platforms: selection, document prep, and management
  • Posting on 3-5 funding sites included in the monthly base fees.
  • Investor verifications included in the monthly base fees.
  • Due to Diligence Services (supporting Broker/Dealer selling agreements) additional charges may apply depending on requirements.

Maxwell Financial Services LLC works as the placement agent for all clients.

Also, Casson Media Group Funding Services provides after closing an offering will provide clients on-going Investor Relation services.  Monthly cost depends on the number of stockholders.

Also, if required Casson Media Group Funding Services will assist a client in securing from either commercial or private lenders short term loans before the completion of the private offering.  The bridge loan can be used to pay for the costs associated with developing and completing the offering.

CALL: 214-634-4967