The core marketing component for a Reg D 506(c) and Reg A+ offering is the website.  The phase “Public Solicitation” in the 21st century can best be defined as “Internet” marketing.  This does not mean that there is no value to a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal or Barrons.  The difference today is that the “call to action” in that print ad is probably to go to a website for more information.

For a private offering, there are two different types of sites.  The corporate site is the first impression that not only the public has of the company but also prospective investors.  Second, the security offering and its supporting presentations and due diligence materials are delivered, viewed, and downloaded via both public and private sites.

Casson Media Group Funding Services provides services that assure that a client’s offering is supported by a professional and efficient web presence.   The corporate site is evaluated from the viewpoint of prospective investors.  Do the contents, graphics, structure, etc., instill confidence in potential investors that this is a solid, progressive company.  If necessary, and requested by the client,  a “makeover” will be completed.

sec-logoUsing a look and feel similar to the corporate site the Company develops both public and secure websites that not only present the offering and all the supporting documents but enables a safe and compliant online process to close transactions.   This includes all the required audit reports of who received what information and when.